America’s Game Fence Builder

Game Fence Texas, Game Fencing, farm & ranch fencingJ4 Fencing & Services, America’s Game Fence Builder, has produced quality work in multiple states for over a decade. Joe “Cuatro” Strack and his team have built custom game fence for an impressive list of clients. Using only the best materials and the most capable, reliable workers, J4 Fencing & Services will leave you with a long-lasting finished product.

As America’s Game Fence Builder continues to grow, contact us on more ways to assist you with the construction of high fence, breeding pens for exotic game, handling facilities, custom gateways, and much more! Experienced in deer breeding and knowledgeable in ranch operations, J4 Fencing & Services is America’s number one choice for Total Deer Solutions!



 J4’s Custom Deer Handling Facilities

J4 Fencing & Services specializes in designing and constructing deer handling facilities and plans for ranchers and breeders all over the United States. With superior knowledge of whitetail deer breeding and the handling of other exotic species, J4 Fencing & Services thoughtfully considers every aspect that needs to be met in managing a clients’ breed and improving their breeding operations.

Having your own custom and fluid deer handling facility will increase your success rates and improve the quality of your stock. More About J4’s Deer Handling Facilities.



 Texas High Fence

construction fencing, custom fence builder, deer fenceBuilding and maintaining your high fence should be a critical part of your wildlife management plan. Texas high fence protects your deer herd and breeding operation, while maintaining the integrity of your boundaries and the safety of your investments. High fence can be useful for smaller properties, as well as large ranches. J4 Fencing & Services can design a high fence system specifically for your property.

Wildlife management and running a successful deer breeding operation is certainly an ongoing process. With a strong high fence designed by J4 Fencing & Services, you can be sure you are getting the best product money can buy and you are taking the best effort in controlling this aspect of wildlife management. Building high fence is the first step in controlling the habitat of your prized herd. J4 Fencing & Services uses the best materials, carefully constructs the high fence, and leaves little maintenance work to be done in the future.


Call J4 Fencing & Services today for all of your high fence construction needs!

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